Last night Katie, Steph and I decided to have some girly time. After hemming and hawing over exactly what this time would entail, we decided to have some craft time! There had been a project that I’d been meaning to attempt for quite some time now. I mentioned the project to the girls and after some slight coordination and gathering of necessary ingredients for the bags – bam! –  craft night was officially happening.

Go here for the step-by-step instructions. (And be sure to meander around her site a bit. She is quite possibly one of the cutest moms that I have never actually met. If that even makes sense. haha.)

Please note: One teeny-tiny step that Ashley might have forgotten to include in her directions was the amount of massive hole punching that you may have to endure with a toothpick. I never would have noticed, but Katie realized that the doilies I picked up were the same pattern as in the example. After figuring out how she managed to get as much detail from her doily – both Steph and Katie decided we needed to go in and make the holes more prominent. With a toothpick. One. By. One. Oofta. It was definitely a trial of my patience, that’s for sure.