Let me introduce you to where I work.

I know it doesn’t really appear to be the epitome of technology. However let’s take a quick look at the definition of technology: “The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, esp. in industry. Machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge.”

Considering I work in a manufacturing facility full of machines – this totally qualifies as technology! ;)

If you are taller than 6′ 3″ and a man this cat will hate you. Don’t say I didn’t give you a fair warning. I don’t know if she gets intimidated by their bigness or if something happened to her when she was a kitten – either way – she HATES tall men.

I should’ve known she might be like that. As a matter of fact, the first time I met her she tried to bite me. Still, I persisted to take her home with me. The very first night alone in my apartment was a rough one. I woke up to get water in the middle of the night and she was not at all happy about that. I was definitely the one invading her space. Long story short, we had a falling out – and I showed her who was boss. From that moment forward she has been my faithful kitty-cat.

Despite what others may say, she is quite the cuddler and unfortunately wherever I go – she will go. Sorry future husband of mine. Hopefully you’re not that tall. ;)

13 bottles of smelly goodness! I didn’t realize I owned this many unti I needed myself with a picture of 13 of something. haha. Time to use some up I’m thinking.


The sun was absolutely gorgeous on this night. Usually I can get the intense colors – but the subject in the photo is blurry. I lucked out and managed to get it all sharp and in focus. :D


My very best friend got married on Saturday. Conveniently I found this ‘sexy little bride’ tank for her to wear while she was getting ready for her big day. It’s was a complete coincidence that the writing was blue. She was absolutely beautiful on Saturday! And I am so glad that Mitch and Heather  asked me to be such a big part of their special day.